Emma Pavey

lASIK patient - Centre for Sight - East Grinstead

“Before even with glasses things used to be a bit fuzzy. Now everything is crystal clear with outstanding detail!”

Emma Pavey
Teacher from Eastbourne

Why I chose Centre for Sight?

My opticians suggested not wearing contact lenses anymore and consider having laser eye surgery.

I did a lot of research online and with other high street companies. They had some bad reviews, where people had not been well looked after or there had been issues with their sight.

“Mr Daya said I was the perfect candidate for laser eye surgery…. don’t know why I haven’t considered this before.”

But for Centre for Sight every review that I read seemed to be 5 stars or it is amazing or outstanding.  The more I researched it, I just felt it is probably the best place to come to.

I went for my initial consultation at Centre for Sight and my consultant right away.

At my consultation, I felt well looked after, well treated, and everything was explained very carefully, and I felt at peace about my situation and further surgery plans.

My LASIK laser eye surgery experience

It was much better than I initially expected. When I arrived at the centre, my blood pressure had gone through the roof and my pulse was racing.

I was thinking this was going to hurt and I didn’t know what I let myself in for. I had watched few animated videos about corneal flap opening and felt extremely nervous.

I was prepped and asked to lay down on the bed and given two squeezy balls to squeeze. Somebody removed one of these balls and held my hand.

It felt really reassuring while they were smoothing my hand, which was such a lovely thing to do.  It was really comforting, and I didn’t feel a thing, not at all. It was completely painless.

The procedure was done very quickly. I was helped to sit up and asked to read the time on the was clock. It was amazing I passed the time test right away.

I wouldn’t have been able to see at that distance or do anything without my visual aids. I had instant vision immediately after the laser eye surgery.

My Centre for Sight experience…

The staff were absolutely amazing, right from Frank who did the assessment and taking my blood pressure, through to the person who stayed with me all the way through.

Patient Co-ordinators and Technicians explained everything and were reassuring me all the time.

I don’t know who it was that held my hand since my eyes were closed. But whoever it was, I just want to thank them.

“I was extremely nervous at the start but the staff were friendly, incredibly supportive and very calming. I did not  have any problems and experienced no pain at all.”

Mr Daya was talking the steps through during my surgery and I knew what was happening all along. The operating theatre had a very calm atmosphere, much better than I had anticipated.

The day after surgery…

A day after surgery and I feel amazing, my life has completley changed.

I woke-up and went into my daughters bedroom and I was looking out of her window. I could see everything, it is AMAZING!

I also had a look around the house and could see all the dirt that I’m going to have to clean.

My vision is very clear, I can see all the car number plates and the trees. Not just close-up but all distances that would normally be a bit fuzzy, even with my glasses.

I felt amazing the day after laser eye surgery. I cannot believe my vision and the detail I can see in most things. t really is an amazing experience to wake-up to.

I am ever so grateful, thank you so much.

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