Gina Houghton

Gina Houghton – Centre for Sight patient

“If I was going to get my eyes lasered, Centre for Sight was the place to go.”

“I started wearing glasses at the age of 20-21 yrs old. I hated wearing them and stopped wearing mascara because I didn’t see the point when your eyes are hidden behind glasses.

I first considered laser eye surgery when I was 27. I found that after having my daughter my eye sight worsened. I went to Ultralase in St. Albans but they advised my prescription was not stable enough.

I took a few years before I felt that maybe my prescription was stable enough to go for another consultation. I had been saving each month so that I could pay for the treatment. My dad had given me an article from the daily mail newspaper and had told me if I was going to get my eyes lasered, Centre for Sight was the place to go!

My husband came with me to the appointment which was a great support to me. I was advised that I have a condition called blepharitis and I had to bathe my eyes, use eye drops and take flaxseed oil for 6 weeks and return for another appointment. I was so pleased when Dr Khan said yes I could have my eyes fixed.

On the day of the surgery we caught up in a huge traffic jam and I was so worried I had missed my chance but Centre for Sight was so kind. I was advised not to worry just to keep calm. When we finally arrived my nerves started to kick in. The nurses were so lovely and I told them how I felt. They reassured me. The surgery was so quick and my husband stood outside and watched the whole procedure. When I sat up I could see the time on the clock, something I had not been able to do for a long time. It was amazing!

The day after the surgery I found myself staring out of the window amazed at how well I could see and noticing things I had never noticed before. It was the best decision I ever made. I have started doing a boxercise class now and feel so much more confident now that I don’t wear glasses.”

Gina Now enjoys 20/15 vision thanks to Centre for Sights expertise.