Guy Gregory

30 Apr 2011

Having become shortsighted whilst at university, I had been aware of the possibility laser eye surgery for some time. However, I had always been slightly uneasy about the risks and cost involved, but after another holiday spoiled by contact lens problems – dry eyes and lenses lost in the pool – I decided had to find out more!

After speaking with my father (a consultant ophthalmologist), he recommended that I have a consultation with Mr Daya to get an expert opinion on whether laser eye surgery was right for me. I spent a morning in the London clinic that proved very reassuring. Mr Daya and his team answered all of my concerns, in particular the likelihood of experiencing dry eyes and/or glare. The scans revealed that I was low risk, and being 25, I stood the chance of not needing to wear glasses for the next 25 years!

The operation itself was extremely quick and painless – both eyes were done in about ten minutes. When I was tested two days later, I could read one line better than 20:20! The whole thing really is fairly magical. No more groping for glasses in the morning, not being able to see in the rain, contact lenses drying out in the evening etc! It really makes life more enjoyable, and my sight is better than it ever was with glasses/lenses!

If the only thing holding you back from laser eye surgery is fear of the operation itself, then please don’t let it stop you! It’s so quick and easy, and it genuinely transforms your life!