Lydean Collins

19 Jul 2016

I had really poor vision, and have worn glasses for a very long time.

It wasn’t that I minded wearing glasses, but my glasses were so heavy that the bridge of my nose used to ache at the end of every day.

I like sport and having to keep swapping between glasses and contacts was not ideal. I always wanted to have laser eye surgery so that I dont have to use any vision aids anymore and could be free of glasses.

I carried out my research and finally made an informed decision that Centre for Sight is the best for me.

About 6 years ago, I was told I was not a suitable candidate for this procedure at that time. But over the years I knew technology had changed and progressed with the different types of procedures.

And so I thought of going for the consultation again as I had nothing to lose and all to gain if I were to be accepted for this treatment.

Thank you to Mr. Sheraz Daya, all the technicians and staff at Centre for Sight. Vision in my right eye is fantastic whereas my left is not as strong but it had always been the weaker one.

The results has given me freedom. New me feels great! Excellent service. 5 stars of course.

I was a little apprehensive about having my laser eye surgery at the start but it was such a quick procedure that there was nothing really to worry about. The staff really put me at ease.

It was a great experience, all the staff were so accommodating and cared for me at every step, the aftercare was fantastic.

The customer care was great prior, during and after the surgery.

I would definitely recommend Centre for Sight to family, friends, colleagues anyone that asks me about laser eye surgery. Excellent service. 5 stars of course.

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