Shabnam Khan

Shabnam Khan – Centre for Sight patient

“Everyone at Centre for Sight has been amazing.”

Shabnam Khan
Centre for Sight Patient

My big day? Monday 31st November 2009. That’s the day my life changed for me. Thanks to Saj Khan for giving me my new eyes!

After eight years of wearing my contact lenses over 14 hours a day (not advisable at all!), Saj made me realise this was not how I should be looking after my eyes – especially being an orthoptist – I should know to be more careful. Having laser treatment was never an option for me – I was just too scared so never thought about it enough; but after a few chats, and a visit to the London clinic with my parents, hearing the words “it’ll take just a few minutes. You’re young at 25 years and you’re a great candidate for laser treatment…” I left with a huge smile on my face.

I know everyone worries about dry eyes and using artificial tears after laser but for me that was not an issue as I was using these anyway. The thought of opening my eyes in the morning and being able to see with no aids was a dream about to come true!

Everyone at Centre for Sight has been amazing – ALWAYS cheerful, and always quick to erase any worries. Within a few minutes, it was all over and by the next day I was jumping up and down with my vision two whole lines better than 20/20! I was so ecstatic with my new eyes that I had no problem wearing the goggles that you get post op – and believe me I wore them with a smile everywhere I went!

No more contact lenses or glasses for me! A humungous thank you to Centre for Sight, and to Saj Khan – my friend and now my surgeon!