Stephanie Brown

Lasik treatment - Centre for Sight- East Grinstead

“Feel like a SUPERMAN after laser eye surgery!!!

Thanks to Mr Daya and staff at Centre for Sight.”

Stephanie Brown
Book Keeper from Kent

My vision was -6.75 in both eyes, so I could make out shapes and things, but could not really make-out any sort of letters or anything like that.

So, to me my sight since I was about 6 has always been bad and has deteriorated and deteriorated. It has kind of become, the main sort of thing that I wake up in the middle of the night and I can’t see a thing. I used to struggle finding my pair of glasses.

I did wear contact lenses so that did help, but I was constantly getting dry eyes and getting infections, which made it difficult.

I really enjoy swimming, but swimming with contact lenses in was really difficult and sometimes I would lose a contact lens and I would literally be in a situation were I wouldn’t be able to drive home. I would be stranded.

So it really did have an effect on my life, it was a major part of my life; which in a strange way I got used to struggling with it.

My Centre for Sight Experience

The whole thing has just been amazing from the information I got through the post, its so in depth; you know exactly what’s going to happen, from the moment you come in for your consultation to leaving once your procedure’s done. Also everyone was available to answer questions, if I had any questions. So, yeah it has been brilliant and everyone has been so friendly and knowledgeable.

The day after the surgery…

I felt amazing! I feel as I said in the car on the way here. I feel like Superman, because yesterday I had my glasses off and couldn’t really see anything.

Today I’ve got better than 20/20 vision and that’s just over night. It’s just been amazing. I feel incredible. Thank you so much. It has changed my life, it really has!!!

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