Trond Thilesen

15 Feb 2011

When choosing laser vision correction (LVC), there are many issues that need to be addressed. Which technique should one choose? Which combination of Excimer and Femtosecond laser should one choose? Which treatment algorithm will best treat one’s own refractive error? ….. and most importantly, who are you going to entrust your most valuable sense to?

As an ophthalmic surgeon practicing LVC these choices are not difficult to make. If one believes one’s own clinic offers current state of the art surgery, one seeks a clinic with matching laser systems. Moreover, one should choose a peer respected surgeon with vast experience in corneal refractive surgery. Seeking this combination of clinical expertise I have journeyed from Oslo, Norway to East Grinstead and the Centre for Sight where I was scheduled for surgery under Mr Daya’s care on the 2nd of November 2009.

From the minute I entered Mr Daya’s newly opened clinic I was met with the same courteous professionalism that I had seen given to private and public patients alike at his clinic’s previous location. Needless to say my surgery was uneventful. The sensation of pressure under the Intralase® was negligible and I felt nothing during the actual laser treatment using the Technolas Perfect Vision laser. I know that my positive experience in switching roles from surgeon to patient will benefit my own patients and yes, I have already recommended the procedure to other colleagues. Thank you Mr Daya and all of the staff at the Centre for Sight for your continual dedication to excellence in patient care.