Anne Huggins

Anne Huggins – Centre for Sight patient

“My family now call me ‘Bionic Eyes’.”

Having worn contact lenses and spectacles for about 40 years I was somewhat nervous when it was suggested I consider Laser Cataract Extraction and Fine Vision Lenses.

During the consultation at Centre for Sight, to determine my suitability, my concerns were put at ease by Mr. Daya.

I experienced little discomfort during the operations on my eyes which were so quick, each time, that very soon my husband was driving me home. After each operation a dressing was placed over the eye which I was advised to remove the following morning as soon as I woke up.

‘Amazing’ is the word I would use to describe the improvement I noticed straight away; I could read, watch TV, etc. That was just with one operation!

Two days later the same operation was carried out my other eye. The professionalism of the team at the Centre for Sight instilled complete confidence throughout the procedures.

Today I have 20/20 vision in both eyes. It has given me such confidence, not to mention removing all the inconveniences of lenses and spectacles. My family now call me “Bionic Eyes”! I am so glad I had the operations.