Jim Honeywood

Jim Honeywood – Centre for Sight patient

“I have my vision back from when I was 20 years old – fantastic!”

I used to play a lot of sport including semi professional football but this became more difficult when my eyesight worsened. When I was 28 I started to wear glasses and contact lenses, but never got on with soft contact lenses and bifocals. I seemed to have a mish-mash of glasses for daily activities. Latterly my son and I would often meet at the gym but without lenses the only way I could ‘recognise’ him from any distance was to go and stand really close … which on occasions proved to be a tad embarrassing if it was not him!

I used to think that my sight was as normal as it could to be but a number of work colleagues recommended that I consider laser correction surgery. After my initial consultation with Mr Daya it became apparent that laser treatment was not suitable for me and that I would require fine lens procedure on both eyes. Waking up at home that first morning after the initial procedure on my left eye and taking the patch off I just wanted to see two things really – the time on clock radio and distance clearly – I could see both! Later that morning I realised just how bad my sight had been ! The snow in the garden with my ‘new’ eye was crisp white, while the snow with my old eye was dull white. I was slightly nervous before my first procedure but really excited and keen or my second operation to be completed.

Simple things like driving, photography, watching sport, reading, even cutting my fingernails that I took for granted but was having some difficulty with have suddenly become a pleasure again. It’s been a life changing event for me like getting married, having children and grandchildren- but you don’t realise just how brilliant it is until you do it! I now feel like I have my vision back from when I was 20 years old, fantastic!

Overall I cannot praise Mr Daya highly enough, his expertise is second to none and he genuinely cared about me and my vision, taking time to explain the whole procedure, including the risks. I have total trust in him and the whole team at the Centre for Sight, thank you.