Sandra Hesten

Sandra Hesten – Centre for Sight patient

“Seeing the paintings and text close, intermediate and distance without glasses is an indescribable joy.”

Sandra Hesten
Retired Lecturer from Lancashire

Wearing glasses is a physical as well as psychological habit.

It is wonderful not to have to reach for my glasses whenever I work on the computer, watch TV, read or go shopping.

Even though I had them in every room, I was always losing them. It will be such a relief not to be constantly searching for them anymore. But I still reach for them.

Cataract glasses image

The atmosphere and staff at Centre for Sight were very welcoming. The minimalist decor with its abstract modern paintings conveyed a soothing relaxing ambience.

All the specially trained clinical staff seemed very efficient, friendly and courteous. Their instructions to me were very clear. Furthermore, my surgeon Mr Sheraz Daya is impressive in the media, online and in person. I couldn’t find any negative comments about him.

After 6 weeks, when trying to read a book for longer periods, I noticed that the odd line seems smaller and some lines are lighter in tone. It may have been the way I am holding the book or perhaps my eyes are still adjusting. Or I still need to avoid reading for too long a period.

The difficulty is that I get very engrossed in reading or working on the computer but I must be more disciplined and remember every 20 minutes to look in the distance for 20 seconds and blink 20 times.

On practical levels, I keep trying to read everything around me e.g. public notices, road signs, adverts, menus. I no longer struggle to differentiate between shampoo, conditioner and gel when in the shower. Additionally, it is incredible to see prices and description of products on Supermarket shelves, without the hassle of glasses.

After 10 weeks, I had now resumed all my physical activities including Yoga type exercises. I have also re started wearing eye make-up.

Today, I went for a walk (14 weeks post operation) where with my ‘new’ eyes I was able to see the glorious autumnal colours all around me reminding me of the lines from the poem The Wild Swans at Coole by WB Yeats:

“The trees are in their autumn beauty,
The woodland paths are dry,
Under the October twilight the water
Mirrors a still sky.”

Autumn Park Banner

Specifically, I keep looking at leaves, flowers, hills and clouds with amazement and delight; particularly as at the moment (July/August) it is full blown summer.  The overall effect feels like a high definition camera is at work in my eyes.

Twelve weeks après my operations, when reading a poem entitled The Siege by Eva Szakaly (at a ceremony commemorating the October 1956 Hungarian Uprising), it was liberating to simultaneously make eye contact with the audience without losing my place in the text.

I wonder what the impact of my first winter and spring will be on my ‘new’ vision.

I wish I could afford to re visit the art treasures in Florence, Venice and Rome now that I have my ‘new’ eyes.

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