Alim Hirji

Alim Hirji – Centre for Sight patient

“I could not be happier about the results.”

Alim Hirji
Centre for Sight Patient

I had laser eye surgery with the Centre for Sight team in July. I am 21 years old and had just completed my studies at the University of Nottingham, and decided to take a year abroad in Budapest training full time in table tennis. I am currently ranked 15 in England, and this decision was made with the intent to hopefully break into the top 10 and then see how it goes. Laser surgery seemed an attractive proposition due to my active lifestyle, especially as my prescription was approximately -8.00 in each eye.

The pre-surgical arrangements were very simple and painless, as was the surgery itself. The actual corrective surgery felt like a little bit of pressure in order to hold my eyes in place, followed by bright flashing lasers. I felt nothing on my eye due to the eye drops that were administered.

Immediately after the surgery I could tell my vision was perfect except for the haziness. For the next few days my eyes were very delicate and dry, and I had to administer eye drops fairly often for the following 4/5 weeks. I had redness in one of my eyes which cleared up after 2/3 weeks also. 6 weeks after the surgery, I am living in Budapest training full time, with two 3 hour sessions plus fitness every day, and I could not be happier about the results.