Hutchinson Family

Emily and Chris Hutchinson

“…everything was really smooth. Staff are very helpful, friendly, informative and answered my questions all along.”

Emily and Chris Hutchinson
Lovely Couple from West Yorkshire

Lovely Yorkshire couple – Emily and Chris had Laser Vision Correction at Centre for Sight. They were excited to share their experiences.


“I first came through Centre for Sight because my husband had been here before for his laser procedure 10 years ago, as well as his brother and his aunt. Although we live all the way up in North Yorkshire, we wanted to come here since we have had great experience in the past. We knew it would be a good place for us.

Before I was not too short-sighted in terms of I didn’t have that much needed to be done. But it was going to make a big difference in terms of driving, etc.

“My vision now – I cannot believe how I can see everything around me and the process has been quick. I had the consultation on Monday, surgery on Wednesday and the follow up on Thursday – so it was all been very quick.”

My husband got his procedure done 10+ years ago exactly here – at Centre for Sight. It was interesting to hear his point of view because technology has advanced since he had his eyes done. At that time, he had some pain right after this procedure but for me it was nothing almost, a bit of headache and I am still getting used to my new vision.

Everything was really smooth. The staff are very helpful and lovely – very friendly, informative and answered by questions all along. There was a bit of discrepancy when I had seen one price online and the one quoted was different. But then I recognised that the prices I found online was much older pricing. Other than this everything was fine, my questions regarding that was handled quite professionally and it has been lovely.

My ‘new me’ feels ecstatic! My results are as good as I thought it would be. I have gained more confidence and freedom. 5 Stars!!!

Wonderful technical staff – so friendly and they remember you. The surgery itself was incredibly quick and my recovery was easy and speedy. Thanks to Dr. Sheraz Daya and Centre for Sight team.

I was recommended by my previous family members who went through their eye procedures here with good results. I would recommend Centre for Sight to all my friends and family without hesitation.”


“My father is an eye surgeon and when he found out I was short-sighted more than 10 years back, he took me to his colleague in Leeds. He investigated my eye sight and diagnosed me with Astigmatism. I was surprised to hear that was not prepared to work on it and correct my vision. He suggested Dr. Sheraz Daya so we took the train down south for my consultation in East Grinstead.

Dr. Daya was very cooperative and ready to get my eye sorted. At the operation, it was very easy with the anaesthetic, but on that day of my laser surgery, I personally found the procedure quite painful and my eye was sore. But after waking up the next day, I absolutely had no pain and had a remarkable improvement in my eye sight – it was total worth it!!!

“I recommended Centre for Sight to my brother and aunt, and both got their vision corrected here. My vision improved along the way and till the time of my next follow-up, my vision was absolutely clear – quite dramatic!!!”

The best part is not having to use the contact lenses, it is good for sports and swimming. Having to not think about it at all during the rains and while driving is the best part of it

I used to wear contact lenses before and it always made me feel tired, and as a I am looking to get back into fitness – this will help me drastically. I am looking forward to my new vision.”

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