John Hyett

13 Jun 2011

First UK Supracor patient

The dream was a life without the hassle and inconvenience of glasses. For many years I had considered looking into whether laser treatment would be suitable for me. I felt my Varifocal glasses where no longer a full solution, they interfered with so many of the simple pleasures in life. Most importantly for me I found I had virtually given up reading for pleasure and had not enjoyed a book for many years.

I heard about Centre for Sight through a client at work and saw at first hand a huge improvement in her quality of life. However, I was really very anxious and frankly scared about having a procedure on my eyes. Not really a natural candidate for laser surgery one might assume but I decided 2011 my year to at least fully explore the possibility before discounting it as “not for me”.

At Centre for Sight all my questions and concerns were answered fully, clearly and patiently giving me the confidence to go ahead. Everyone I have met during the process, from the first consultation through to the post-operative follow-up was friendly, reassuring and professional. I would especially like to thank Mr Daya for his patience in surgery and the kind nurse who held my hand.

I want to make it clear how frightened I was, so other people who may share this level of fear can be reassured. On reflection I have to say I found the whole process much less uncomfortable than dental treatment. I hope my experience will give others the confidence to look into it for themselves.

Supracor became available at just the right time, the possibility of a single solution for everything from reading and close work, computer screens (which is my business and where I spend most of my time) through to driving and distance vision.

Finally, I am looking forward to this summer holiday, relaxing on the beach, reading a novel with sunglasses as if I were 30 again!