Lasik Flap Wrinkles – corrected

Warning – This video contains scenes of surgery.

Correcting Flap wrinkles following LASIK laser eye surgery at an another centre. This patient had 3 attempts to correct his wrinkles. The patient researched and was advised to be seen at Centre for Sight. His wrinkles were corrected by Sheraz Daya, Medical Director.

The procedure involved removing the epithelium – the top layer of the cornea which exposed the wrinkles. The flap was lifted and the sterile water placed on the underside to swell the corneal flap. The flap was stretched to remove the wrinkles and then stitched back down on stretch to prevent recurrence. A bandage contact lens was placed to promote regrowth of the epithelium. Stitches (10-0 Nylon) were removed 3 weeks later. The patient’s vision improved over a period of a month to 20/15 (6/5) unaided.