Exceeding Expectations as the Doctor’s Doctor

Choosing the right surgeon and facility for cataract surgery is a critical decision, especially when you’re a fellow eye surgeon and you know what to look for. Mr Kasaby recently chose Mr Sheraz Daya to perform his cataract surgery, on both eyes on the same day with trifocal lenses. Mr Kasaby has shared his experience with Mr. Daya and his journey at Centre for Sight. He sheds light on the exceptional care, advanced technologies, and personal touch that set this eye care centre apart.

You can read all he has said about his journey, below:

Why Centre for Sight: A Surgeon’s Perspective

“The decision to ask Sheraz to do my surgery was easy. He’s a surgeon that I have admired for many years both on a personal and a professional level. His achievements in the Ophthalmology circle are undeniable and his sound knowledge and judgement is evident to all. First and foremost, I wanted to select an especially competent corneal/anterior segment (front of the eye) surgeon knowing that competent corneal surgeons always make amazing cataract surgeons.

Sheraz’s name stood out to me as one of, if not the best in the field, a globally recognised and influential ophthalmologist.

Centre for sight is a purpose-built facility with the some of the best technologies available. It is conceived and is run by Ophthalmologist. Being an Ophthalmologist myself and having also built my own eye centre, I am acutely aware of the advantages such a setup offers and the superiority over the usual multi-disciplinary private hospitals around the country.”

The Patient’s Experience: A Seamless Journey

“My initial consultation with Sheraz was in his London clinic. The care and attention to details in his comprehensive pre-operative assessment was second to none. It filled me with confidence that no stone was left unturned. Consequently, on the day of surgery I was not anxious in the least knowing exactly what’s coming next and the purpose of every action of the staff.

The patient journey through the centre was exemplary, a truly well-oiled machine as expected.

The staff were all very efficient and courteous; their actions were purposeful and confident with no hesitation or doubt. Every step of the way there was accompanying explanation and although I did not need any of the explanations, it was very pleasing and reassuring to know that staff themselves have a good understanding of the purpose of their action and how all that contributes to a successful outcome as well as a happy patient experience.

Surgery Unveiled: A Surgeon Becomes a Patient

The experience during the actual surgery is what interested me most. Being a cataract surgeon myself, I had explained to my patients thousands of times exactly what to expect and what they would see and feel. My own cataract surgery was my opportunity to see if what I told my patients was true. It turned out it was, the whole surgery was very brief, betraying surgeon and staff efficiency and skill. There was no pain whatsoever, only the odd moment of gentle pressure. The visual experience during the surgery was interesting. I thought there would be very bright lights, it turned out to be a gentle pleasant light show accompanied by the sounds the equipment which I was all too familiar with. What was very notable to me was the other sounds in theatre. There was no trivial chitchat between the staff, all were totally focused on what they were doing, a quite respectful and reassuring environment.

All in all, I’ve had more traumatic visits to my barber to have my hair cut! I actually enjoyed the experience!”

Choosing Trifocals: A Personal and Professional Decision

“I was one of the first few surgeons in the UK to trial multi focal implants in the late 90’s when they first became available in a usable format. I have always been convinced of their advantages and have offered them to all patients that were suitable. It was simply time for me to practice what I preached through my working career. I had a very good understanding of what to expect. Now having had multifocal lenses in my eyes, I have absolutely no regrets. It also pleases me immensely to find out for myself that what I told my patients was actually true and accurate. This type of lens implant gives a more rounded visual experience, in the sense that spectacle dependency is dramatically reduced and often totally eliminated. Vision with the lens is very good for distance with only the mildest haloes around lights at night… mostly noticeable with car head and tail-lights. The haloes do not detract from the excellent quality of the image as a whole, they are a mere addition that is in no way unpleasant.

It is a small price to pay for the huge advantage of being able to read without rummaging for your readers.

Five minutes after my surgery, I was able to text my wife on my phone without assistance to ask her to come and pick me up. I was surprised myself! One caveat, one needs a decent light to read. This does not apply to my phone as its own light enables me to see it very clearly in pitch dark. Distance vision during the day is simply excellent.

Overall, more than happy with my decision and relived to find out that what I have now exceeded my expectations.”

Surgery on both eyes on the SAME day – controversial?

“Having surgery to both eyes done sequentially in the same surgical session is no longer an unacceptable risk. The advantages far outweigh any additional risk if there is any. When surgery is done to both eyes with an interval of a few days, the imbalance between the two eyes during this interval is not something that I was looking forward to. I’m very aware that it’s certainly tolerable but it is far more pleasant when you come out of surgery and both eyes are seeing well with no imbalance whatsoever. Distance as well as reading is always much better with both eyes than with each eye individually. Immediate gratification with no appreciable increase in risk is what I got. Added to that is the convenience of attending for surgery once and not twice.

The emotional as well as the practical advantages of that was clearly evident to me. Several studies have demonstrated the safety of such practice. I was very comfortable allowing that to happen especially with a superb surgeon and staff in a state-of-the-art eye centre.”