Mr Sheraz Daya listed amongst world’s top 50 in The Ophthalmologist 2019 Power List

Aaron Reed
August 13th, 2019

We at Centre for Sight are immensely proud to announce that our Medical Director Sheraz Daya was voted amongst the top 50 in the Ophthalmologist 2019 Power List.

Mr Daya was voted in the top 10 in the category “Surgical Pioneers in Ophthalmology” in recognition for many of his pioneering techniques and innovation in Stem cell surgery, Corneal surgery, Laser eye surgery and Lens implants.

This year saw a record-breaking figure of just under 2,000 nominations across five categories: Champions for Change, Inventors, Emerging Leaders, Mentors and Surgical Pioneers.

With so many innovative and life-changing individuals within their field of expertise, competition has become tougher than ever before. The addition of many new names this year has made it even tighter, making a position on the power list so much more honourable and commendable to those who were earmarked.

Each nomination is based upon impact within an individuals designated field of expertise, whether it be through alternative approaches, desire and push for innovation, or initiative within their professional craft.

Sheraz Daya listed amongst top 50 in The Ophthalmologist 2019 Power List

Mr Daya developed his interest in eye surgery after watching a corneal transplant when he was 12 years old. When he saw cataract surgery being performed at medical school he was impressed by the technology involved and in his words “how civilized ophthalmic surgery was with surgeons sitting down and using foot pedals to control microscopes”.

Watching the absolute pleasure and delight of the patient when she had her eye patch removed, convinced him that this was the direction he should take.

Mr Daya described his passion for combining medicine, surgery, technology, innovation and research, and rapidly translating this to clinical application but most importantly “the absolute joy of restoring and correcting eyesight” and changing a patient’s life in so many ways.

It is such efforts from not only Mr Daya, but all ophthalmologists who are making the difference worldwide, that have laid down the cornerstone and foundation for future eye health in ophthalmology.

The satisfaction and life-changing experiences for so many patients we see around the world today symbol the increased excellence and professionalism within the ophthalmologist industry.

An effort not only Mr Daya is proud of, but all other ‘surgical pioneers’ as well.

Congratulations to all who were nominated and to those included in the Power List 2019!

The Ophthalmologist’s Power List 2019

Sheraz Daya listed amongst top 50 in The Ophthalmologist 2019 Power List