Mr Sheraz Daya amongst UK’s best cataract surgeons – as chosen by fellow doctors

The Daily Mail’s ‘The Good Doctors Guide’ identified Mr. Sheraz Daya Centre for Sight’s Medical Director amongst UK’s top cataract surgeons.

Forty of UK’s leading surgeon were asked by the Daily Mail to reveal their choices for the best cataract surgeons and whom they would choose for their own family along with comments about why. This is what they said about Sheraz Daya –

‘A fantastic eye surgeon. He is at the cutting-edge — very ethical, compassionate and straightforward. He has a great understanding of what he does.’

Centre for Sight has since being established in 1996 strived for excellence at all levels from obtaining phenomenal outcomes through to an exemplary experience and providing this with absolute integrity. It is delight to learn that Sheraz Daya has been viewed by his peers as being amongst UK’s best cataract surgeons.

He has been a major influencer in Laser eye surgery, corneal transplantation, stem cell transplants and cataract and lens replacement surgery. He is responsible for the introduction and development of revolutionary technologies that have in some cases become the gold standard for surgery.

We congratulate Mr. Daya on this wonderful achievement.

Mr Sheraz Daya listed among UK’s best cataract surgeons on DailyMail

Congratulations also to others included in the list. Ophthalmologists – Brian Little, Julian Stevens, Larry Benjamin, Bruce Allan, Milind Pande, Sathish Srinivasan, James Ball, Paul Rosen, David Gartry, Vincenzo Maurino, Romesh Angunawela, Allon Barsam, Hosam Kasaby, Ali Mearza and Jonathan Jagger.

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Authored by Sheraz Daya MD FACP FACS FRCS(Ed) FRCOphth, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon & Medical Director, June 2019.

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