Katherine O’Boyle

Cornea Collagen Crosslinking - Centre for Sight – Katherine O'Boyle

“I suffered from Keratoconus, if it was not for Mr. Sheraz Daya and the staff, I would have been in a complete mess.”

Katherine O’Boyle
Bank Official | Dublin, Ireland

My vision after the Graft procedure at Centre for Sight is fantastic – even after the day of surgery, it was perfect. I was pleasantly surprised how it has changed as I have come along since the day of my initial graft.

I found Centre for Sight very good. I can’t see any fault at all and I have recommended it to other Keratoconus patients back at home in Dublin. I was referred to Centre for Sight by a surgeon in Dublin. There was no looking back after that!!!

The Corneal Grafting (Femtosecond Laser Deep Anterior Lamellar Keratoplasty) procedures have affected my life tremendously well and if it was not for Mr. Sheraz Daya and the staff, I would be in a complete mess. I feel I would have lost my eye sight for good.

He has transformed my sight completely. I suffered from Keratoconus and if I had not had the graft done on both eyes, I would have not been able to see at all.

My experience at Centre for Sight was fantastic and expected anything less. From the time I came in to the reception for the first time, my follow ups and surgery, the staff has been exceptional.

“I would like Centre for Sight to keep going as they are – do not change anything. They have a great facility in East Grinstead. It’s just fantastic.”

They have given their 110%, I couldn’t have asked for anything better. The service from general staff and theatre staff, Mr. Sheraz Daya and other surgeons – all are wonderful.

Centre for Sight is doing something really pretty special here. I always feel I am in safe hands and I like it. It’s perfect. 

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