Elizabeth Henderson

Elizabeth Henderson

“…care, precision, empathy all combined made me confident to recommend Centre for Sight to others!!!”

Elizabeth Henderson
Education Consultant | Rustington, West Sussex

Ecstatic! I was unsure of the outcomes, but now it’s better than expected. I have found Centre for Sight very good. Thank you Mr. Sheraz Daya!!

  • The professionalism of the administration,
  • the care, patience and encouragement of the technicians,
  • the friendliness and kindness of the staff involved in every aspect of the procedure,
  • the precision, empathy and confident skill of Mr. Sheraz Daya,
  • the careful explanation and encouragement from Ms. Marcela Espinosa and Mr. Sheraz Daya during follow-up meetings

…all combined to make me confident to recommend Centre for Sight to others. I did not think I would be able to have Lens Exchange or expect this outcome. It is a relief and joy to feel such healing in my vision and of my peace of mind.

And yet I very nearly did not have the confidence to have the treatment due to my own fear based on the poor experience I had with another organization a year before attending Centre for Sight. Things that encouraged me to go ahead included:

  • The clarity and promptness of Mr. Sheraz Daya’s answers to my written questions
  • The encouragement given from two other patients and the thoughtfulness of the Centre in arrangement of these conversations

“A return to feeling ‘like me’ after an awful year when a previous operation elsewhere gave me an induced astigmatism.”

I was looking for a consultant who would understand the difficult situation I had experienced after a mistake had been made and could confidently treat me. I feel exceptionally wonderful!