Joanna Evenden

Visian ICL Toric - Centre for Sight

“Imagine going on holiday and unable to swim in beautiful clear water, because you fear your only pair of expensive glasses will get swept away!!!”

Joanna Evenden
Teaching Assistant from Eastbourne

Before I had my life changing Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) procedure on both eyes at Centre for Sight, my vision was horrible; -16D in the left eye and -14.5D in the right eye.

I couldn’t see anything, as everything was ever so blurry. I literally felt so hopeless and lost all confidence, when my glasses were not by me.

Imagine going on holiday and feeling afraid to swim in the beautiful clear water of the sea perched alongside a paradise golden beach, because you fear your only pair of expensive glasses will get knocked-off and swept away!!

When going out, my thick and heavy glasses brought me down, even contact lenses didn’t work for me as they were so fiddly to put on and made my eyes dry and uncomfortable.

Glasses on beach

Last Summer I had my first consultation at Centre for Sight. After all my tests, I spoke to my consultant Mr Sheraz Daya on the same day. He explained my eye condition and the best option to treat it. It was the best decision of my life. There were regular check-ups after surgery to make sure everything was how they should be.

“Everyone at Centre for Sight were lovely and supportive throughout the whole journey.”

I went back a few times because of a problem with the left eye. The first time I had a blurred line across the middle of my field of vision, which was fixed immediately. I had a pulling at the back of my eye and it ached. I was worried because the retina on the same side had previously detached. I was so stressed and worried.

The second time I had slight cloudiness in the vision of my left eye few days after. It occurred randomly; sometimes it cleared when I took artificial tears but then came back. I had no light sensitivity, but did get slight halos when driving at night, though my eyes did adjust with time.

I had no redness, no floaters and no headaches. But did have slight ache across my eyelids and eyebrows and did get a small sharp pain in the bottom corner of my right eye the day before. I was due to travel away later that day and they were so kind and helpful in calling me and advising me during my lunch break.

All the issues were addressed immediately and my eyes got used to the new implantable contact lenses pretty quickly.

Everything was sorted with ease and they were so positive and welcoming every time I visited, which made me feel valued and happy to be there.

I know if had a problem I could just call-up, and someone would be there to help me as soon as they could.

I have always felt really happy to comeback, even though I shouldn’t be coming back!!!

I would recommend Centre for Sight to everybody.

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