Valerie Brooks

Laser lens replacement - Centre for Sight

“No glasses! Whoop Whoop!!! Brilliant experience, excellent results.”

Valerie Brooks
Administrator from Raunds

My vision before was awful. It was really poor and I knew it was getting worse.

Once I realised that not only my eyesight was bad but it was getting worse because of cataracts, I knew I had to do something.

Had it been for purely cosmetic, I may not have risked it. But having done it now, I would have definitely done it before!!!

Poor vision affected my life

There were lots of things I could not do; I wasn’t seeing definition at all.

“I could see people’s faces and could see their body, shape and everything, but I was not seeing definition.”

I used to do a lot of card-making which I could no longer do. I love reading, I was still able to read but chose books with bigger wording.

There were quite a few things; like I had actually stopped driving, because I was getting concerned.

It affected my life. Just after Christmas last year, I had a car accident and it was, I thought had got to be my eyes.

I just didn’t see the car coming! And that was it… I knew I shouldn’t drive anymore.

Why I chose Centre for Sight

Centre for Sight was recommended to me by my sister and brother in-law. They have gone through surgery at Centre for Sight and their results have been fantastic.

When I knew things were getting that bad, I contacted Centre for Sight and came down for my initial appointment. Mr Sheraz Daya seemed really confident he could help me. He could see that I was nervous and immediately put me in my ease.

I came in on a Monday for my first eye surgery, and was petrified… absolutely petrified on the day of my first eye being done. But just a couple of days after, I came sailing in for my second eye surgery without any problems.

My Centre for Sight experience

The entire process from my first consultation meeting Mr Daya, the Technical team and then meeting with the theatre staff was absolutely excellent. You think when you meet people, you know when they are nice but they were really professional.

Everything they did was about making you feel comfortable, giving you confidence, explained everything thoroughly and it was excellent. I can’t find any fault and the surroundings are lovely.

You are made very comfortable and everyone is very attentive. It was excellent!!!!

“I would like to thank everyone at Centre for Sight. I could cry, just thinking on how grateful I am, and how lovely they are, how absolutely perfectly professional. Excellent!!!”

Anybody who have problems with their eyes should come to Centre for Sight and trust Mr Daya and his staff. They are all excellent, no exceptions.

I would definitely recommend Centre for Sight to everyone.

Day after my Laser Cataract Surgery

Blue tit fluttering midair landing/flying

The best thing about the entire journey is I can see clearly today. I can see and read car number plates just a day after surgery.

I actually got up and saw a Blue Tit out the bedroom window.  I could not have seen that before, believe me!!!

My husband and I very often sit in the garden at home, and he’ll say ‘look at that!’ I would say ‘I can’t see it’. So, today I got up and looked out the window and I saw a blue bird fly from tree to tree and I could follow it. It was absolutely excellent!!!!

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