Tom McLeish

Tom McLeish – Centre for Sight patient

“Would I recommend Centre for Sight – yes without a doubt you are treated as an individual by the whole team…”

Tom McLeish
Centre for Sight Patient

My eye sight started to deteriorate rapidly from around the age of 8 and by the time I was in my late teens I was already minus 12. So by the time I had my first pay slip I treated myself to contact lens.

Over the years I started to see colleagues having laser treatment and hearing them talk about how good the service had been was very intriguing to me. However it was not until a good friend of mine who had similar vision as myself decided to have treatment at Centre for Sight I was then really interested to see if I was a suitable candidate.

So having plucked up the courage I booked myself an appointment and after taking part in a number of tests it was apparent that ICL was going to offer me far better results than traditional laser treatment. So after being reassured by Mr Daya himself that he would perform the operation I agreed to the treatment.

Having now had the treatment I still find it strange going to bed and not having to take out lens and still having the ability to see the digital clock clearly the other strange feeling is waking up in the morning and not having to struggle to find glasses.

Would I recommend centre for sight – yes without a doubt you are treated as an individual by the whole team and the good thing is they are always there to answer any question you may have.