Ben Leow

Ben Leow – Centre for Sight patient

“I can now look out for my two very young children without fumbling around for glasses…”

Ben Leow
Creative Director | Lingfield, Surrey

Absolutely amazing… I feel Wonderful!!!

The improvement in my vision is miraculous after my IntraLASIK Surgery with Ms. Marcela Espinosa-Lagana.

Even after the first night, it all felt like wearing contact lenses – just with 100% less of the hassle and discomfort. I can now look out for my kids – 2 very young children without fumbling around for glasses. And that’s the main reason why I had it.

“My patient journey from the time of enquiry to surgery and post-surgery has exceeded my expectation.”

Having worn contact lenses for 20 years, I realised the condition of my eyes were deteriorating. They could only keep deteriorating, there were very marked dryness and blood shot in my eyes having had that much contact lens wear. I chose Centre for Sight because they are very reputable.

After doing much research on the internet, I understood that the number of people who do IntraLasik usually do not get to meet everyone who will be doing the procedure before making the decision. At Centre for Sight, I met my surgeon from the very first consultation – which I thought was the ideal for me!!!

Ms. Espinosa saw me for 3 months before doing the procedure and wanted to make sure it was 100% safe before we started. All the staff has been friendly and experience was wonderful.

Experience was amazing!