Katie Giddings

Katie Giddings – Centre for Sight patient

“…fantastic, I am blown away. Amazing!!! Just might burst into tears. Really Amazing.

Katie Giddings
Company Secretary | Crawley Down, West Sussex

Absolutely amazing… Fantastic… Terrific… can’t think of any other words… well I can think of many but Just “BLOWN AWAY”!!! It’s the best thing I’ve got.

I had Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) just over 2 weeks ago at Centre for Sight, having suffered from dreadful short sight and deteriorating long sight since childhood. What can I say, I am blown away, I now have better than 20/20 vision thanks to Mr Sheraz Daya and his excellent team!

Words cannot describe how the Implantable Contact Lens (ICL) Laser eye surgery at Centre for Sight has affected my life… I am blown away and quite tearful over it. I had my eye surgery because I had very poor vision. I used to wear contact lenses and have been wearing them since the age of year 13 and had to revert to wearing glasses.

As well as being terribly short sighted, my near vision was deteriorating and the contact lenses would not accommodate it. After which I was not confident wearing glasses at all.

Centre for Sight is local to me and has great reputation. My experience was fantastic, I am blown away… Amazing!!!

“I would recommend Centre for Sight to anyone considering laser eye surgery, they are true experts and professionals. Thank you!”

My eyesight was brilliant from the moment the eye pad was removed (apart from being blurred by the tears of disbelief and sheer thrill of being able to see!). I have not had a moment of pain nor discomfort and still cannot quite fathom that I don’t need to reach for my spectacles every morning, in fact I still automatically turn to the side where they lived every night!

Just might burst into tears… Really Amazing!!!