Ella Jones

15 May 2011

Laser eye surgery was something I had thought about doing for some time but when I finally got around to arranging a consultation, I became quite nervous about it.

When I arrived at Centre for Sight for the consultation I immediately felt at ease as the team and Mr. Khan were so professional. They were incredibly thorough with the amount of tests they did, all of which were specific to your eyes.

When discussing the procedure with Mr. Khan it certainly made me realise that I made the right decision to go to a specialist rather than a high street name.

Of course I was nervous on the day I went to have the surgery, but still felt I was in safe hands! They gave me all the instructions I needed to follow over the next six weeks and booked me in to see Mr. Khan a few days after the operation and again five weeks later. Each time they did some more tests to ensure the surgery went well and the treatment was working.

I can only give praise to Mr. Khan and his team.