Shivanthy Ratnarajan, GP

19 Jun 2015

Remarkably clear and sharp, I can’t believe it! Now I can exercise & keep fit without the annoying glasses – all thanks to Centre for Sight.

Now that we have finally had some decent summer weather I can wear my sunglasses and not have to think about putting in my contact lenses first. I can’t wait to go scuba diving again and this time actually see the fish and coral clearly!

I am an active person who likes to exercise, dive and ski – not ideally activities for someone who needs glasses ! 

My husband who is an Ophthalmologist insisted that only Mr Daya would be going near my eyes. Mr Daya has an international reputation for achieving excellent results and is an innovator in the field of refractive surgery.

The whole team including the reception and nursing to staff made me feel at ease throughout my pre-operative visit as well as the day of the surgery.

I am quite squeamish when it comes to my eyes but Mr Daya took the time to explain the procedure in just the right amount of detail to allay my concerns. The environment was calm and the team was very skilled and organised.

I will be definitely recommending Centre for Sight to my other doctor colleagues who are considering IntraLASIK laser vision correction