Trudi Hamer

Trudi Hamer – Centre for Sight Patient

“It’s such a good feeling to know that I can now rely on my eyes.”

Trudi Hamer
Centre for Sight Patient

As a small child I had my eyes patched and from the age of 5 had to wear very strong long-sighted glasses every day, with a prescription of plus 6.

In my teens I tried lenses, which I found a real hassle and couldn’t get on with and then the last pair of glasses I actually purchased was in 1998. I paid £250 alone for the lenses so they would be extra thin, but they still magnified my eyes drastically and made me look strange. My prescription was also so strong after not wearing glasses for so many years that they had to give me plus 3 glasses in order to not make me feel disorientated. I really only wore them at home in private, very occasionally.

I went for an eye test at my local optician over a year ago, she told me that I had been very lucky getting away with everyday life with such a severe prescription and that my eyes had deteriorated since my last eye test a few years previous, so I had to make a decision about glasses, lenses or laser treatment. She recommended the Centre for Sight to me, she said that in her opinion you only get one set of eyes and that “high-street” places offering this treatment may not be ideal, she also said that she knew of Ophthalmic Surgeons who, themselves, had had surgery at the Centre for Sight, which spoke volumes to me.

I contacted the Centre for Sight and booked a full consultation with Mr Khan in London in October 2009; I was impressed with how thorough the examinations were and how advanced the science supporting the whole procedure was. I was once a student nurse so I have an enquiring mind when it comes to medical-related issues, and I was very impressed with Mr Khan’s straight-talking with me, he never hesitated, even when I asked the most unpleasant of questions about the procedure.

At the beginning of 2010 I decided that I was going to change my life, and go back into full-time education as from September 2010, this was my main reason for having my vision corrected as I have struggled for years with close reading and studying. As soon as my property was sold I booked an additional consultation and my surgery date.

As usual I had total confidence in Mr Khan and his team, everything was explained to me, all questions were answered and on 30 June 2010 I had my vision corrected.

Words cannot describe my elation at going back the next day and being told that I had 20/20 vision. Little things that people with good eyes take for granted like being able to read text messages, painting my toenails, seeing street signs mesmerised me. The adjustment is instant, I thought it may feel strange but your brain adapts instantly. It’s such a good feeling to know that I can now rely on my eyes, and this is all thanks to Mr Khan. I would recommend anyone considering this surgery to go along for a consultation, it is mind-blowing and life changing!

Thank you Mr Khan!