Judy Brucker

Judy Brucker – Centre for Sight patient

Absolutely Perfect! The colours are so much clearer and I am able to read for hours!!!”

Judy Brucker
Retired | Horsham, West Sussex

My vision was very poor, short sighted and blurry before coming to Centre for Sight.

I had cataract in one eye since years and used to wear glasses as well as contact lenses. It was very uncomfortable and I was able to keep them in all day.

I could not read with the glasses, I always used to take them off. It was very difficult with the lenses either – it was awful! I had multifocal laser lens replacement at Centre for Sight with cataract removal and now I feel perfect.

Absolutely Perfect! The colours are so much clearer and I am able to read for hours.

“I do not miss my glasses AT ALL! I feel very happy and free without the trouble of lenses and glasses.”

I was recommended twice to Centre for Sight – one by my cousin who had her procedure several years ago. And another was a mere coincidence – by another lady who was cutting my hair one day and she had been here for her procedure. So it was 2 recommendations – could not miss coming here then!!

My entire process here was very good and quick. As I used to wear hard lenses, I had to wait 4 weeks before consultation. But at every stage I was informed about my procedure and eye condition. I knew everything what to expect.

The staff here at absolutely wonderful – very helpful. Dr. Sheraz Daya was really nice, the theatre technicians put me at ease and were very helpful.

Everyone is easy to talk to and friendly. I had great confidence once I entered centre for Sight for the first time.

I would recommend it to everyone who needs an eye treatment.

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