George Teideman

George Teideman – Centre for Sight patient

Extragalactic! Having worn glasses since the age of six, I now have new eyes.”

George Teideman
Isle of Scilly, Cornwall

My vision after the procedure at Centre for Sight is fantastic, I would say Extragalactic!

I am sure this will dramatically affect my life. I was fed up with all my close and long distance vision glasses which I have finally put in the bin.

I was completely and utterly fed up with my soft and hard contact lenses as well.

“Now I feel like I’ve got new eyes. These Victus lenses are miraculous!!”

I was highly recommended by my local General Practitioner (GP) and old friend Mr. Brindle. Also, my wife went through a procedure herself last year at Centre for Sight. And she’s had wonderful results too.

My experience at this centre was interesting and the whole process was very professional and positive. Having worn glasses since the age of six, I now have new eyes.

I don’t have to wear any glasses or contact lenses. I am seeing better than I did since lost 67 years.

It’s just miraculous!

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