Christine’s story

Christine's story

“Only wish I had done it sooner.”

Following a morning of tests at the Centre for Sight, it was decided that the best option for me was to have intraocular refractive cataract surgery, which would correct my short sight and also enable me to read small print more clearly.

Another reason for my decision to go ahead was the fact that my eyes were becoming increasingly dry. Because of this, it was sometimes difficult to remove my gas permeable contact lenses as they would stick to the eye with the dryness.

I chose a consultation with Mr Sheraz Daya upon recommendation. The staff at Centre for Sight were extremely professional and kind and I didn’t feel unduly nervous – only concerned as to whether or not it would work! The procedure was not at all uncomfortable and in fact, rather interesting!

The next morning, after removing the eye patch, was one of the most memorable moments of my life – I could see absolutely perfectly. I kept saying “WOW”.

Since then, it has been great not to have to bother with contact lenses and not having to worry about going out on a windy day and getting dust or grit behind a contact lens – I always seemed to be a target!

For the most part I am able to read without glasses, but may need a mild prescription when in dull lighting or when my eyes are a little tired in the evening.

For me the whole experience has been a positive one and only wish I had done it earlier. You always hear people saying “it has transformed my life” and in all sincerity for me it has!