Paul’s Story

Paul's Story

“There is no doubt that my new eyes will make a huge difference.”

My current hobby is boating and there is no doubt that my “new eyes” will make a huge difference. In recent years, we got caught in a storm in the Mediterranean where lobster pots are a danger. They are hard to spot so I had to steer from the outside helm position where I was constantly coated with sea water.

My glasses became covered in salt and my wife had to stagger up from the galley periodically with some clean water to clear my specs so I could see. In everyday boating, not having to wear spectacles will be a big plus in fog and heavy weather. Not to mention the problem of dropping them in the drink from time to time. On small sailing boats where a lot of movement is required spectacles are a real nuisance.

The experience of removing the patch the day after surgery and being able to see is wonderful, especially for people like me who never had perfect sight. You do not get over this quickly. It is a marvel each morning when you open your eyes. Two things to be ready for; the first is that it takes a long time to realise you are not wearing your glasses! From time to time I still go to adjust them or reach out to put them on long after they have been parked in a cupboard. The second is that there is a healing process of a few weeks as the eyes recover after surgery. At first I was a bit worried when I had blurred vision sometimes. This is a side effect of the drops and does clear after a while.

I have worn spectacles since I was a small child. In recent years I had to change to varifocals and the world without glasses had become a burry place. This had reached the point where I was beginning to worry about loss of vision. The emotional experience of being able to see properly after the operations, for the first time in my life, is hard to describe. It is overwhelming. For some reason my reaction was even greater after I removed the patch for the second eye on the morning. Each day I am still amazed and delighted to discover that I can see everything so clearly without spectacles….

Every aspect of my care was dealt with professionally and competently. The technical staff, whilst being friendly and helpful, clearly pays the studious attention to detail that is essential in the sort of work. My questions were either answered or quickly referred to a consultant. There was a genuine sense that your staff actually cared about me as a patient, from the receptionist through to the technicians.

The environment of the clinics is pleasant both for the patient and for the accompanying driver. I think my wife (who received successful treatment form you some 4 years ago) particularly appreciated this during the waiting times.

The attention to hygiene in the clinic seems to me to be a model of good practice. I also observed the meticulous detail with which patient records are prepared and updated.

As for the medical team, they are superb. The anesthetist Dr.Lamb was excellent. As was Miss. Espinosa who went to great lengths to ensure that I understood my condition and the purpose of the treatment. She also instructed me carefully on the recovery procedure. She created the feeling that there was plenty of time to deal with my anxieties, with no sense of pressure. I felt genuinely reassures that advice or help is there if the need arises. Indeed, a telephone enquiry I made a few days after the treatment was answered in less than half an hour.

Above all, I should like to express my gratitude to Mr. Daya. Having seen how you restored my wife’s vision, I was able finally to face up to getting treatment for my poor sight. I could not have asked anyone else. Your reputation for excellence is well deserved but I also appreciated your kindness and reassurance, especially when the suspect glaucoma was discovered. I was quite anxious about the operations but glad to be in your care.

You have a wonderful skill and I am most grateful that you have used it on my behalf.

Thank you very much indeed.