Katrina’s Story

For as long as I can remember my eyesight was bad, anything further than a few inches from my face was a total blur and I wore glasses from the age of 5. Growing up I hated the awful thick lenses and it really affected my confidence. Although I had always been a total wimp with anything going near my eyes (my mum had to sit on me just to put eye drops in) at the age of 15 I decided to try contact lenses. I started with the hard lenses and for a few years these were ok, but they soon began to irritate my eyes, the vision was poor and I suffered from a lot of migraines. Since 2003 I think I have tried every type of contact lens going without success.

“I had always been a total wimp with anything going near my eyes.”

I decided to visit the Centre for Sight to see what they could do, I was aware of their very good reputation and had heard of the pioneering work that they do. I met with Mr Khan in the hope of getting laser surgery, but it soon became apparent that I was not a suitable candidate as my prescription was too high. I had heard of implantable contact lenses and had looked into them briefly but Mr Khan told me more about the procedure and I decided to have the tests to see if I would be suitable. Mr Khan and all of the staff were so friendly and helpful and answered all of my questions so I decided to go ahead with the procedure.

“I think the surgery took about 15 minutes but it seemed to pass in the blink of an eye.”

On the day of the surgery the nurses explained everything that they were doing and Mr Khan really put me at ease, I was taken into the operating theatre and the atmosphere was very relaxed, I think the surgery took about 15 minutes but it seemed to pass in the blink of an eye! I had watched the procedure on the internet so I knew what to expect and Mr Khan explained what he was doing at each stage so I was aware what was coming next. The thing I had always been most nervous of was the clamp holding my eye open as it looks very uncomfortable but because of the numbing drops used I was not even aware of it.

As soon as Mr Khan finished, the lights above me and the ceiling was in focus, it was very exciting! Within a couple of days it was time for the second eye to be done, immediately after the surgery my vision was amazing, there was some blurring due to the swelling but by the following morning everything was sharper than it had been with my glasses. The first thing I noticed was how clear all the road signs were on the journey to my follow up appointment it, was quite emotional.

“Mr Khan and his staff were all so friendly.”

There was absolutely no pain during or after the procedure, the most painful part was probably having to stare at the bright lights during the operation. The nurses talked me through the aftercare and which drops to put in when and I left very happy!

Mr Khan was very pleased with the progress during my follow up appointments but I did have a small amount of astigmatism left in my right eye. He had explained before the operation that this could be expected and that I may have to have a bit of laser to fine tune it. Although my vision was already very good, when Mr Khan showed me the difference the laser could make I felt it would be worth having the surgery.

“I felt it would be worth having the surgery.”

This procedure was also very quick, I chose the PRK surgery – as I had toric lenses implanted this was included in the cost of my original surgery. For 3 days afterwards my vision was blurry and it was quite uncomfortable but when I went back for my follow up appointment on day 4 the vision was already better than before and the pain had gone.

“I still get excited by little things… I would recommend this treatment to anyone.”

It has now been almost a year since my original surgery and 5 weeks since the top up laser surgery and I am thrilled! I still get excited by little things, waking up and being able to see the clock, putting make up on without having to hold the mirror 2 inches from my face, and being able to see in the shower and swimming pool. I would recommend this treatment to anyone, Mr Khan and all of the staff at Centre for Sight are amazing and I cannot thank them enough for changing my life! No more ugly glasses, no more uncomfortable lenses, and no more calling on my housemates to help me find my glasses when I have put them down somewhere. My migraines also seem to have stopped which is amazing. All in all, money well spent!