Victoria Hunt

“To wake up one morning with poor vision, and to go to sleep with 20/20 is fantastic!”

Victoria Hunt
Retired Patient from Putney

Thrilled patient from London benefits from our ONE-STOP Cataract Service.

Victoria Hunt from London was thrilled with the results from her ONE-STOP Cataract surgery.  She is now able to do all her activities freely with a return of her 20/20 vision.

Like so many others nationwide, the COVID-19 Pandemic prevented Ms. Hunt from having her planned cataract surgery at her local hospital. Losing her vision she was desperate to have treatment as soon as possible. Following discussion with our enquiries team at Centre for Sight, she decided to opt for our One-Stop Service, allowing her to undergo testing, consultation and surgery by eye surgeon Mr David Shahnazaryan all on the same day.  Now recovering successfully and enjoying the benefits of her surgery, Victoria is delighted to share her thoughts on her experience.

What was your experience like at Centre for Sight?

Mr Shahnazaryan was lovely, efficient, and really listened to me so I knew I was in the right place to treat my poor vision. The technician was also very good and was pleasant to be around. It was all a very easy experience and I was not nervous at all. It is rare to get an appointment and the treatment all done in the same day and I wish I had decided sooner as this service was great value.

I knew my vision was slowly getting worse and it required improvement before it affected my normal day life. Driving was becoming a struggle and quite dangerous for me. I am so pleased with the results and so was my Consultant.

What is your vision like now?

I was a complex case, but the treatment met the expectations I had when I first arrived and am delighted with the results, I could not have asked for more. My distance vision is now 20/20 without glasses, and everything looks so crisp. To wake up one morning with poor vision, and to go to sleep with 20/20 is fantastic.

What are you excited about doing?

My new vision has allowed me to continue doing anything I want to, even just the small things, so that is great! I don’t have to worry about driving, reading or any basic day-to-day activities.

Thank you, Mr Shahnazaryan and the Centre for Sight team – you were great!

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