Mark Morris

“My vision is now amazing!”

Mark Morris
Builder from Crawley

Lottery winner has Laser Eye Surgery!

Laser Eye Surgery patient Mark Morris from Crawley was completely dependent on heavy glasses for 30 years. After winning the lottery, he finally decided he would treat himself and have laser eye surgery. Read all about his experience below.

What was your vision like before?

My vision was terrible as long as I can remember, having worn glasses since I was a small child. I was a +6 Diopter with high astigmatism, so I had to wear glasses all the time.

My glasses always made me feel less confident and it hindered my ability to enjoy what I love most. I have a lot of hobbies that I enjoy participating in, including football, motor cross and golf.

Although my vision was very poor, it was the confidence element that really affected my day to day life – as I just dreaded wearing glasses. Having to find them every morning before starting my day was something I had become accustomed to, but I always wished I could just get up and go without that worry.

What is your vision like now?

My vision has improved dramatically, and I no longer wear any glasses. My experience at Centre for Sight was all so quick and easy from my first contact, to the appointment, and then through to the procedure itself.

My glasses always used to steam up, so I had to continually clean them…and in the current environment with COVID-19, I don’t have to worry about glasses steaming up with my mask on either!

I was extremely fortunate to have won the lottery and feel the investment into the health of my eyes was such an important one. It’s helped change my life and has boosted my confidence.

What are you looking forward to?

I have two children and a partner, so I am now able to go out with them and enjoy spending days out glasses free. I would like to go on some new holidays with them and create experiences with my family before my kids grow up.

Now I can also look forward to truly enjoying my favorite hobbies again. Several were hindered by lack of confidence while wearing glasses, so now I can look forward to them in a way I never have before – which is so exciting.

I have always wanted to throw away my glasses since I was a child, and feel very blessed to be free from them. I can now enjoy life as I could only have dreamt before – thank you so much Centre for Sight!!

“I am so happy with my vision that my partner and a friend are now looking at having treatment done at Centre for Sight too.”

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