Linda Lothian

Linda had a Corneal Transplant under the expertise of our Medical Director Mr Sheraz Daya. Her vision had deteriorated dramatically over the years and found it very difficult to find a good corneal specialist who she can trust for her eye treatment.

An American hospital recommended Mr Sheraz Daya and she also found out that her doctor was also trained under Sheraz for years. Linda was thrilled to know Michael who founded Scotia Vision Consultants was happy to sponsor her treatment. After her procedure, she was happy to answer some questions and share her experience.

Why did you choose Centre for Sight?

It was finding a corneal specialist that was the hardest bit. I wrote to a teaching hospital in America and I asked them to recommend me somebody and they highly recommended Mr Daya and Centre for Sight. My local hospital in Scotland said Centre for Sight has the latest technology and it would help my vision! My local doctor was trained under Mr Daya for many years and said he would recommend him if I wanted to improve my sight.

After looking at Centre for Sight online, I got further confidence about Mr Daya and Centre for Sight than other places I had visited. I wanted to feel assured that I was in the right hands for the results I wanted.

So ultimately it was my doctor that highly recommended Centre for Sight and Mr Daya to me.

Linda Lothian from Scotland shares her Corneal Transplant experience

How was your overall experience?

From the day I came into the London clinic at Queen Ann Street it was all easy going. I was looked after so well and with all the advanced technology at Centre for Sight I felt reassured.

Sheraz is a master of his craft! I can only thank you, you’ve been absolutely lovely to me. All the staff and receptionists were professional and friendly. I have no worries, everything has gone so well.

My treatment was fantastic and the staff were amazing. I have had zero problems since my treatment. I have no pain at all – during or after the treatment. Best part is I can see.

It was all just so straight forward, painless and no hassle

I was suggested a Corneal transplant procedure by Mr Daya so I had it done with no hesitation.

Message to Centre for Sight…

If I didn’t have this treatment I wouldn’t have been able to see. I would be blind by now so I really want to thank you. Thanks to all the team, receptionists and specially Mr Sheraz Daya. He has been great. The administration has been really good from the day I called in, documentation and aftercare.I have no worries now! Everything has gone so well and better than I ever could have expected.

My opticians have seen the stitching produced from the treatment by Mr Daya and think it’s amazing.

Linda’s life is looking great. She is thrilled with the results and overwhelmed by both Michael’s generosity and her experience at Centre for Sight.

Linda Lothian from Scotland shares her Corneal Transplant experience

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