Rebecca S.

Having done her research, through recommendations and good reputation, Rebecca decided to take the plunge and have laser eye surgery procedure. She was delighted to share her Centre for Sight experience.

How was your vision before LASIK?

I was very badly shortsighted and it was becoming a problem socially and professionally.

The research I conducted was extremely important because it’s the eyes that had to be corrected and I wouldn’t choose anywhere but the best hospital to go. As soon as I came across Centre for Sight, read their online reviews I was happy with my choice. It was a no-brainer!

Having the demanding job I have and often having to work until late, my contact lenses became an issue. I was reassured throughout with the care I would and did receive, and I have so much freedom now with the vision I have, so I certainly made the right choice.

“I can now easily wake up and go it’s amazing.”

How is your vision after LASIK?

Before my Lasik treatment, I wasn’t a confident swimmer because of the vision I had, but now I love to just wake up and dive in.

I can now go on holiday with much more freedom where I don’t have to worry about glasses, prescription glasses, or contact lenses.

It’s made my long hours of working so much easier as the last few hours of my shifts would always make my eyes sore and would often take the enjoyment away from the job I love.


How was your Centre for Sight experience?

From start to finish, everything was very good and professional. Having had laser eye surgery nearly 4 years ago, I can say my treatment and experience has been life changing. From reception to administration to the treatment by Mr Daya, everyone was lovely and caring.

“I was handled in a professional manner all throughout my experience.”

My vision is now eyewear free so it goes without saying how good my experience was. I can’t thank everyone at Centre for Sight enough. It’s helped my job and day to day life, it’s been fantastic. It was a brilliant experience.

Would you recommend Centre for Sight?

I’ve recommended Centre for Sight to many friends and colleagues mainly because of the experience and success I got from my procedure.Anyone thinking about laser eye surgery should obviously do their research but I would certainly recommend Centre for Sight. I have so much more freedom now.

The staff are friendly and comforting and the aftercare was very good as well.

“I definitely would recommend Centre for Sight, I wish I had the treatment sooner than when I did.”

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