Karen Gardener

Karen Gardener – Centre for Sight patient

normality has returned to my vision.”

“My eye sight had deteriorated to the point that I could not see the person sitting opposite me. I had glasses for reading, middle and distance because I could not get on with bifocals; especially for driving! I started to stop reading and felt like I was missing out on doing things with my children particularly watching school plays. My sight affected all the small things in my life that other people take for granted.

It wasn’t until my sister had successful vision correction at the Centre for Sight that I considered it myself. I was nervous about the consultation but didn’t realise until the end how upset I would have been if I wasn’t suitable for surgery. I was told about Supracor, a laser treatment that could restore my reading, middle and distance vision. I thought a facility to get all that back was fantastic!

I live in Dubai, so arrived into the UK and checked into a hotel, on the day of surgery my sister met me and came with me to the hospital. I was less worried about having my eyes done than going to the dentist! The procedure itself didn’t hurt, I felt nothing and all I could see were lights. There was some initial minor discomfiture post procedure which I expected having been pre warned about it and I would recommend to anyone who is considering surgery to bring someone along with you for moral support.

It felt marvelous that I could immediately read that evening! In the morning I could see the time on the clock and could pick up my mobile to read my text messages asking how it went! The next day checkup was very reassuring, providing information on how well my eyes were healing. I now no longer have neck problems because I don’t need to wear glasses ‘perched’ permanently on the end of my nose giving me a ‘crick in the neck’! I feel as though I have ‘turned back the clock’ and normality has returned to my vision, it is all the small things that we take for granted when we can see well that had slowly been disappearing from my life. I feel very grateful to have been given the opportunity to get that back again and now really appreciate the gift of good sight.”