Kayleigh Marsh

08 Jun 2016

My vision was quite poor before the laser eye surgery at Centre for Sight.

I was -4.75 in left eye and -5.75 in the right eye with both eyes having astigmatisms. I had been given glasses at the age of 8. I was wearing contact lenses since I was 13 years old. I’ve been a contact lens wearer for 14 years.

As a child, I was a very good swimmer and had to stop swimming when my eyesight got bad. Since wearing contact lenses, I would never put my head underwater when swimming. I’ve always felt very conscious in my glasses and would only feel relaxed wearing them in front of friends and family. I wouldn’t go out in public in glasses.

Contact lenses have been good for me, but it’s always a pain to take your solutions with you if I was to stay away. I have especially avoided festivals for this reason, especially worrying about the hygiene aspect of taking contact lenses out.

I have been waiting to have laser eye surgery for a very long time, and had finally saved up for it. Two friends of mine had the surgery before me and they said it had changed their life.

My optician at Vision Express recommended either Centre for Sight (and mentioned Mr Daya) or Moorefield’s Eye Hospital in London.

Centre for Sight was a more local option for me.

My vision is fantastic now. Two days after surgery I had my post-operative consultation and I already had better than 20/20 vision!

My experience with Centre for Sight was very good, the clinical team made me feel relaxed pre-surgery. The surgery was worse than I expected it to be, but the procedure isn’t long and its life changing.

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