Neil Quantick

Neil Quantick

“No longer need glasses, it’s just amazing …changed my life!!!”

Neil Quantick
Lawyer from Surrey

I was -2 short-sighted with astigmatism as well, so I pretty much couldn’t see anything near or far.  I had been wearing glasses since I was 12 for everything.

I suppose there are worse things you have to put up and live with, but got in the way of sports and so on. I tried Contact Lenses, but because of my astigmatism it was a very particular Contact Lens that was needed, that I would got along with. Skiing and Swimming was all compromised of course, because of faffing around with contact lenses in and out and in, gave me a particular good vision; so, they should anyway.

Why I chose Centre for Sight?

I spoke to my Optician and he was very particular in recommending Centre for Sight for my eye condition mentioning them as the leaders of the field. Also my son and I both went to their Open Evening at Oxshott as it was closer to my place.

To be honest at first, you believe there is a kind of mystery to laser eye surgery that feels a bit like Hocus Pocus magic that can’t possibly be real! However, by going in and meeting everybody, getting to know more, just took some of that mystery out of it.

It really made me trust Centre for Sight and feel comfortable. It removed the doubt that I had for LASIK and gave me the confidence to go ahead and have it done.

The day after surgery…

My consultant whom I met from the very start of consultation, Ms Marcela Espinosa looked after me and instantly gained my confidence from the moment I met her and all along my laser eye surgery journey.

The pre-op day anaesthetic drops were administered thoroughly along with other drops and medication – which I didn’t feel any pain at all.

Today I’ve got better than 20/20 vision and that’s just over night. It’s just been amazing. I feel incredible. Thank you so much. It has changed my life, it really has!!!

What was the surgery like…

Ms Espinosa talked to me constantly during the brief procedure. She metaphorically held my hand at every step of the way and I knew exactly what was going on.

I couldn’t have been happier!!!

The only slightly unusual part was when they’re cutting the flap to the Cornea, there was a sensation of pressure as they held the eye as Ms Espinosa explained it.

It was not painful nor disturbing, but just slightly uncomfortable at that time. But it was all over in minutes – literally!

“Centre for Sight is literally performing miracles here and I only wish I had it done years ago.”

The day after surgery…

Morning after surgery I wore no visual aids for the first time. I saw the bedside clock and was absolutely delighted.

It’s quite extraordinary!!!

It is a life changer and I couldn’t have felt that I was in better hands.

Anybody who is thinking about having laser vision correction and their experience is anything like mine so far, I would just encourage them to go for it, because it is amazing!

Honestly there is nothing more important than eyes. Apart from children, of course.

It’s absolutely great, thank you.

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